Comprehending Why Cheap Windows Product Keys Will Not Work with Windows 24H2

This subreddit thread: has recently been drawing the attention of Windows users. Apparently, most of those who prefer to buy cheap Windows product keys from the gray market continue to encounter activation issues. They couldn’t use the Activation Troubleshooter Tool in addressing problems, including not allowing them to gain full access to the Windows 11 features and services. The inability to do so stems from their lack of a digital license key which they need to link to their Microsoft account as a systems requirement.

Bypass Methods Patched Up and Blocked by Microsoft

man signing in to a computerNot a few users were able to gain full access even without the required digital license by using a so-called bypass method. Microsoft discovered that some Windows users were able to skip the Activation process of linking their MS account to their Windows 11 license. Doing so allowed them to fully activate the features of the Windows 11 OS.

The bypass scheme involved typing in a random password, while signing in to a blocked Microsoft Account using an email address. The bypass method caused the account linking protocol to fail and instead take the bypasser straight to the account creation page.

Microsoft AI Deals with Activation Bypassers in Windows 11 24H2

upgrading a windows OSThe new Windows 24H2 has an AI support that sends back a user to the login page if that person used an email address blocked by the Microsoft system.

Since Microsoft discovered the loophole, the company has disabled the bypass scheme by shutting down Microsoft accounts found to be carrying on with spurious or suspicious activities. Moreover, Microsoft blocked certain email addresses used in logging in to the dubious Microsoft accounts. The specific email addresses that have been blocked include: “”, “” and “”

Bear in mind that the Microsoft enforcement team will brick the devices and accounts of those who will login using the blocked email addresses. A device is bricked if it has been found to have violated any of the terms and conditions stated in the Microsoft Services Agreement.

It’s still possible that more email addresses will be blocked since Microsoft has been closely monitoring and randomly blocking accounts that show unusual activities.

Additionally, Microsoft also disabled a bypass method using the password OOBE BypassNRO command in allowing users to skip the linking requirement without Internet connection. The bypass method takes a person to the local account creation page and from there sign in and activate the Windows 11 software  even if it does not have a supporting license key.